Saturday, April 14, 2007

First Post

Hello blogdom!

I've created this blog for the explicit purpose of reviewing books that I've read. I've read so much in the past but since I haven't taken notes on those books or wrote reviews about them to critically examine and reflect their content, I've only remembered what got "stuck" in my mind. Through this blog I hope to refine my thinking and hopefully garner enough interest so that people will feel compelled to challenge my views. The virtue of intellectual courage without humility becomes sheer arrogence as intellectual humility without courage is mere cowardice.

I'll post again whenever I finish a book. Since I'm in college for the next two months or so the number of posts will be relatively few. Perhaps by summer I'll read more. In any case, this will be a very infrequently updated, although if people comment I'll definitely entertain conversation.

Currently I am reading, Faith and Reason: Searching for a Rational Faith by Ronald Nash and Shattering the Darkness: The Crisis of the Cross in the Church Today by Joseph Lapsley Foreman. Recently I've acquired the habit of reading only parts of books. On this blog I'll only review books that I've completely read. It remains to be seen if I will finish either but tentatively I've planned to read them completely.

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